About Kippendavie and Cauldhame Estates

Kippendavie and Cauldhame Estates are situated in central Scotland with spectacular views of the Stirlingshire and Perthshire countryside.

Steeped in history, the Kippendavie and Cauldhame lands are now held in a family trust and managed by trustees as a business.

The Estate extends to about 2,270 acres (920 hectares) in total. The climate and rainfall makes Kippendavie well suited to arable farming and forestry.

The Estate management is undertaken by the Stirling-Aird family and their management team, which includes Savills, Tilhill Forestry and Ristol Consulting.  The Estate follows a strategy of enhancement and development through the promotion of conservation, environmental and commercial interests.

The farming enterprise is managed through a contract farming arrangement with a specialist dairy farmer, who runs a pedigree herd of Jersey Cows. The Estate's location and climate enables successful and sustainable forestry management, producing quality timber while protecting the surrounding flora and fauna.